Press kit for The Sustainable Commodities Company

Find our logo, and wordmark in SVG, color scheme, and a brief description about Nset.

Logo & wordmark

The Sustainable Commodities Company's logo mark is comprised of both a logo and a wordmark. The logo may be used independent of the wordmark. The wordmark may not be used without the logo.

nset Logo
Nset Logo
nset Wordmark Dark
Nset Logo Dark

About Nset

At nset, we’re building the infrastructure for low-carbon commodities. We pinpoint where in an enterprise’s value chain insetting can take place, showing ROI for decarbonizing vs. buying removal credits, and finding low-carbon commodity suppliers at the right quality and scale needed to bring down ROI from 20 years to 5 years.


We're pretty open to you using any of the colors below or adapting The Insetting Company "nset" logo to fit your brand needs.


Primary — Nset Blue


Wisp — Background


Gray — Body text